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IQ Options, real trader?

Hi, i saw this IQ Option site, and would like to give it a try, but i heard stories about how people cant withdraw or chart magically changes itself when you start trading with real money, that IQ Options is manipulating chart so you lose.
i plan to invest only 40 $, no more and no less.
should i proceed? if i make some money, i plan to quickly withdraw, so i can feel it is real thing.
i heard a lot that this binary trading is risky, but i saw somewhere how to earn ever if you lose once. this is how they described:
i deposit 40 $ on account, and i start trading only with 1$, because it supports that low.
and if i lose 1 $ , next time, i multiply it with 2.5 so i could cover my first try and this secod try, so i can earn from both. so if i lose 1$ by putting on BUY, i invest 2.5$ and choose SELL, and if i lose again, i invest 6.25$ and choose BUY, and if i lose again i invest 15.62$ and choose SELL, and if i loose again i invest 39.06$ and choose BUY.
those who explained this method say, that you will always win on this, it maybe dont have to be first try, but definitely you will not go more than 4 tries, you will always win this way and get money.
so basically strategy is to chose opposite from what i choosed and to multiply by 2.5, so i can cover previous, and earn from all those.
is IQ Options a scam, do they allow you to withdraw money without any problems, because i read that thay cant withdraw more money than how much you gave deposit if you payed with visa card, you need to use like skrill or similar ebanking in order to get money on visa card.
and what other would you reccomend, because i needwithdraw to work every time.
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IQ Option, real trader?

Hi, i saw this IQ Option site, and would like to give it a try, but i heard stories about how people cant withdraw or chart magically changes itself when you start trading with real money, that IQ Options is manipulating chart so you lose.
i plan to invest only 40 $, no more and no less.
should i proceed? if i make some money, i plan to quickly withdraw, so i can feel it is real thing.
i heard a lot that this binary trading is risky, but i saw somewhere how to earn ever if you lose once. this is how they described:
i deposit 40 $ on account, and i start trading only with 1$, because it supports that low.
and if i lose 1 $ , next time, i multiply it with 2.5 so i could cover my first try and this secod try, so i can earn from both. so if i lose 1$ by putting on BUY, i invest 2.5$ and choose SELL, and if i lose again, i invest 6.25$ and choose BUY, and if i lose again i invest 15.62$ and choose SELL, and if i loose again i invest 39.06$ and choose BUY.
those who explained this method say, that you will always win on this, it maybe dont have to be first try, but definitely you will not go more than 4 tries, you will always win this way and get money.
so basically strategy is to chose opposite from what i choosed and to multiply by 2.5, so i can cover previous, and earn from all those.
is IQ Options a scam, do they allow you to withdraw money without any problems, because i read that thay cant withdraw more money than how much you gave deposit if you payed with visa card, you need to use like skrill or similar ebanking in order to get money on visa card.
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Pela plataforma teste no site do IQ Option eu seria milionário em menos de 3 minutos.

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option site - option site - review:iq option to skrill withdraw and new exchanger site

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I submitted my DNA sample to a famous website and I just found out that I have a 52 year old first cousin who lives in California.

This is going to be a long read.....TL/DR at the bottom.
Curious about my heritage, I submitted my DNA to two very reputable companies that asks you to basically spit into a little tube, secure it in a little zip lock bag and mail it out to them. I received my results about six weeks later and when I went to the actual website to check out my results, I clicked on a tab that gives you the option to see who else has submitted their DNA and how we are matched (genetically). I found that many relatives that I know were at the top of my lists (on the two sites). The way it works, is that the person whose DNA is closest to mine will appear at the top of the list as "potential" relatives.
On both sites, I saw the name "John Doe" - name changed obv. - at the very top of my list. He was listed as a first cousin. I decided to check my inbox and saw that he had sent me a message weeks ago. (I rarely check those sites).
He sent me a message stating that he saw that I was listed as his first cousin and if possible, could I contact him to see if I had any information about his birth father. He went on to explain that by this point, he had already connected with his birth mother's side of the family and they all accepted him and he is now considered part of their family. I decided to make the call.
My cousin told me that he was born in California, put up for adoption and was raised in foster care until he was finally placed with a nice family. Since our genetic profile was so similar, he wanted to know if I could give him any information about his birth father.
When he started asking questions, he told me that he was able to find his adoption paperwork from a Christian adoption agency. I thought, "hmmm, that's interesting. Maybe I can provide some insight about our side of the family." I wanted to help him as much as I could since I knew he was desperately trying to piece together any bit of information involving his father's side of the family.
My mother (RIP) has three brothers. My oldest uncle is like a second father to me. He actually married my dad's sister so his three kids are my "double first cousins." We all grew up together as one big happy family. We shared all four grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, etc.
We live in Texas so NEVER did I think that he could possibly be the son of any of my mother's brothers. I was thinking that he was most likely the child of one my mother's many first cousins who lived in California then and continue to live there now.
Then, he emailed me the adoption records. His biological mother had provided all of the information to the agency; thus leaving this as an open adoption situation. When I read the summary, his bio mom stated that the father didn't know about the baby and that he had already left California to return to his home state of Texas. I didn't think much of it until there it was in black and white, my uncle's name was listed as the biological father. I almost fell off my chair.
He was 19 years old when he fathered my cousin. At the time, my uncle (and my mom) would go to California in the summers to work as migrants in the fields alongside my grandparents. At summer's end, both he and my mother would travel back to Texas to resume their studies at their respective universities.
I sent him a picture of my mom and my uncle. I heard my cousin's wife let out a loud gasp. She told me that my cousin looked exactly like my uncle. Soon thereafter, my cousin and his wife started sending me pictures. I was gobsmacked. He looks more like my uncle than my first cousins that live here. He is basically my uncle's doppelganger. I was in shock.
My uncle is like a second father to my brother and me. I don't think I would've been as shocked if my younger uncles had fathered this young man. They were wild in their younger years. But no, as it turns out, my "second father" has a son he never knew about.
As it turns out, he (my uncle) has four beautiful grandkids, one of which (was a semi famous) football player at a Big Ten University. My uncle has two great grandchildren. A son, grandchildren and great grandchildren that he never knew about.
My cousin had so many questions. He knew absolutely NOTHING about his paternal side of the family. In a matter of two hours, I provided a door into our lives. He and his wife were crying. I was crying. I felt a connection to him. His voice sounds like my uncle's. His sense of humor and his love for his family and tender heart remind me so much of my uncle.
Now comes the hard part. I called my father to tell him about everything that I had just uncovered. My father isn't an asshole but he is a very private person who doesn't take to change well. As I gave him more information, he interrupted me and demanded that I CEASE communication with my cousin. He stated that I've lived 45 years without knowing him so why should I begin to even care now? He warned me that this could be a scam to extort money from our family. We are not rich. My father lives forty miles away and I asked him to drive to my house immediately because I was NOT going to go through this alone.
When he arrived, he was still quite skeptical about the whole thing. Being a man with a Master's Degree and an IQ of (not sure what it is but it's high), he insisted that this could be a hoax. I told him, "even if this was some random man claiming to be my uncle's son, GENETICS AND DNA DON'T LIE."
I had printed out all of the pictures my cousin sent me because I wanted my father to see them on paper; rather than scroll through my camera roll on my phone. Every time he tried to deny that this man wasn't my uncle's biological child, BAM, I'd place a picture of my cousin on the table for him to see. Still, stubbornly, he'd say, "he looks nothing like your uncle or your cousins." Then, BAM, two more pictures. His eyes widened, he looked uncomfortable and continued to deny that this man was related to us. Again, BAM....more pictures. After that, I presented my father with the adoption agency's summary. As he read it, I could see that he was trembling. Keep in mind, as I mentioned earlier, his sister is married to my uncle.
Finally, he placed the pictures and the adoption papers to the side and looked me in the eyes. He said, "You are never to speak of this. You will cease all communication with this young man TODAY. Yes, I do know that he is genetically tied to you and your mother's side of the family but SO BE IT."He stayed quiet, most like processing everything and finally said, "If my sister finds out, SHE WILL DIE." (My aunt suffers from high blood pressure).
I started crying, calling him a "cold and insensitive man." I asked him, "what would you do if you found out that there was a HUMAN BEING out there that could possibly be YOUR SON?" I told him that this occurred when my uncle was NINETEEN. Yes, he was engaged to be married to my aunt but nonetheless. He was a kid who made a mistake. My father replied, "It would devastate me."
However, he reiterated that we will be taking this information to the GRAVE. I talked to my brother about it and he said the same thing (my brother is an asshole). I know that dropping a bomb like this would shake up my family to it's core. However, my heart breaks for my cousin. He wants to know so much about his dad.
I'm 45 years old. I'm old enough to make my own fucking decisions. My father, as much as I love and respect him, is NOT going to dictate who I allow, and don't allow into my life.
My father ended up telling my uncle. I couldn't stand not knowing what my uncle was thinking or feeling so I finally made the decision to call him. I asked him to please go into a room where we could have a private conversation. I didn't have to say a word before he began speaking. The first thing he said was, "Mi'jita, I had no idea about any of this. It was the 60's. We were hippies." I kind of chuckled at that but then he told me, "If this gets out, your aunt will kick me out of the house. I WILL LOSE EVERYTHING. My wife, my children, my grandchildren." As tears were streaming down my face, I promised him that I would, indeed, take this to the grave. I have to respect his wishes. This is not my story to tell.
Since then, my cousin and I have been communicating on a daily basis. I told him that sadly, we may not have the "happy ending" that we were hoping for. He understood. I'm sure it hurt him but I assured him that I would always be there for him as an extension of the one side of his family that he knew NOTHING about before. He asked so many questions. It saddened me to think that our whole lives, we grew up in a loving, nurturing, and stable environment. The irony in this situation is that during this exact time, I had a first cousin who was entangled in the foster care system. I'm not knocking the system itself, but he did share some very sad stories from his past.
I gave him our family's medical history. He shares many of my uncle's afflictions. He promised me that if his father decides to never reach out to him, he would leave it at that and not create chaos within our family.
He is a kind, hard working family man. I feel such a strong connection to him but this is NOT about me or how I feel. I need to respect my uncle's wishes; however, I am not going to be cruel and cut my cousin out of my life. Our daily conversations have turned into daily texts now. In a perfect world, we'd invite my cousin, his wife, his kids and grandkids to come and meet us all. I'd love to be at the airport holding up signs welcoming him to our city (and metaphorically, family). I know that that's never going to happen.
Edit: I realize that this is an "Advice" Subreddit and some have pointed out that I haven't asked for advice. I apologize for that. I feel like I'm drowning here and desperately need your advice. I've read through many replies who have offered a lot of advice and that's exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much for helping me.
TL;DR: I submitted my DNA to two reputable companies. My results came in and as it turns out, I have a first cousin who lives states away who was fathered by my uncle 52 years ago. My family wants me to cease communication. I refuse to.
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Job Interviews in 2020

Hello there, since I found it very helpful to see what recruiters ask nowadays, I want to share my experience of looking for a job during covid.
So first of all, covid did not influence the recruitment process (well, no on site meetings) and there were enough job offers for me to choose from. I was looking for web dev jobs in Sweden. Specialized myself in Angular, but am capable to fully create a web app from design mockups to database management, CI and hosting.
I started in July and wrote approx. 30 applications. Some companies never answered, some politely declined and some were interested in me.
The companies that gave me a coding test (like in school) where I had to solve arbitrary matrix and array calculations in any programming language to show them my abstract problem solving skills got a straight meme back and I questioned their interview process and that a company who values such skills is not a company I value. Seriously, those tests show nothing. Not your competence in the web department, nor the skill you need during the job.
Then there were the interesting code assessments which I shortly want to summarize:
In general, those projects showed my skills with the chosen technology. It was fun to work on and in the end it is something you can continue working on, since the solution should be something you are proud of before handing it in. The key "puzzle" during the reddit clone was to implement the pagination, because the reddit API doesn't provide the ordinary page=3&limit=10 functionality but before & after which was quiet tricky to grasp first.
Also I had to do quiet a lot of personal questionnaires and IQ tests where you have to identify and recognize shapes and patterns.
In the end I settled with a cool company in Stockholm and the Reddit clone did it for me.
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Resources for travel in Switzerland.

Not a single trip report, but more of a collection of experience and lessons from many trips. I don't think I have posted this here before, it might be useful in this very long planning period.
Most of my travel here as day or week long trips has been solo travel. This is probably as safe and easy a solo destination as you are going to get. People hiking or biking across the country by themselves is commonplace, eating isn't a group thing like in some countries, and other than maybe a few activities that require a booking with a minimal group size you won't find yourself excluded from anything. I have never had any problems (though as a white male it might be easier for me to avoid them, I can't speak for other demographics).
The only real factor for me regarding solo travel here has been that if you really want to meet other travelers then it will be much easier at a hostel in a more popular area (ie Interlaken/Luzern/Zermatt) than if you go off to other forms of accommodation in the lesser known regions. There are hostels all over the country, but many (especially the YHAs) tend to attract domestic Swiss tourists of various ages rather than an international scene.
The Swiss are not going to embrace you like a family member, but are friendly in their own way. I have never had a problem getting help (even without a mutual language), sharing tables at relaxed places like mountain restaurants is quite standard (once all the empty ones are partially occupied), and sometimes they will be very chatty in a way that still surprises me sometimes. Speaking the local language makes it much easier to get talking with people, but English often works everywhere (too well given that I still have issues getting people to talk to me in German sometimes).
My own guides
More travel related:
  • Travel in Switzerland in general in two posts: new (mostly specific thoughts on places), and old (more general information on the country as a whole).
  • Imgur album/info posts: This is the larger one which has detailed info/links and is still slowly evolving, and I also have this older one which is more basic and locked. This is a list of popular posts on social-media and what they actually are.
  • More detailed blogs on more major tourist spots: An overview of the tourist spots in general (link), and Jungfrau region (Lauterbrunnen/Grindelwald/Mürren/Wengen) (link), and Luzern/Rigi/Pilatus (link), and Gruyères (link), and the St Beatus caves (link), and Zermatt (link).
  • Cheap/affordable travel in Switzerland: link
  • When to visit/what conditions to expect: link
  • Transport in Switzerland: link.
  • Scenic train rides: link.
  • The most beautiful villages: link.
  • Hiking in Switzerland: link.
  • Cycling and mountain biking in Switzerland: link
  • Winter in the Alps for non-skiers: Link.
  • Visiting the UNESCO sites in Switzerland: Link.
  • The trip taken by JRR Tolkien that inspired parts of the Hobbit/LOTR: Link.
  • Unique/interesting Swiss festivals: link, with a sidepost on the surreal madness that is Fasnacht.
  • Swiss food and drink: link.
  • An idiots guide to buying a Swiss Watch: link.
Responses to often posted topics:
  • Are there any ugly places in Switzerland (yes): Link
  • Misc. points like why is the grass so perfectly mowed in photos and so on; link.
  • Lauterbrunnen FAQ: link.
  • Blausee: link.
  • Gelmerbahn, the “high-speed rollercoaster; link
  • Villa Vals, the underground “hobbit” house: link
More living related:
Misc tips:
  • Swiss vs European power plug adapters - not always compatible! If you have an EU plug it might not fit into a Swiss socket, but newer ones should do (roughly speaking when the two prongs are 4mm or less in diameter, and 14mm apart they should work in both the EU and Switzerland).
  • Cable cars typically stop running at around 5pm (but can be until 10pm or so if it is servicing a village like Mürren). This is especially deceptive in summer when it stays light until much later. Check when the last run is, the internet is full of stories of people who found themselves with a long walk down in the dark.
Internet - practical
Many of these also have a phone app version which is worth having.
  • My Switzerland. The official and very extensive tourism website. Just about any information you could possibly need about anything is on here.
  • Wikivoyage. A bit hit and miss: the overview and coverage for places like Zürich is fantastic, but many places are lacking in useful or any info.
  • Local tourist areas all have their own websites. Usually in both summer and winter versions, giving you info on: conditions, what is open, ideas for what to do, etc:. Eg: Jungfrau region, Zermatt, Appenzell, and so on.
  • You can get regional travel passes which cover all transport and cable cars in specific areas (Eg: the Jungfrau region, or the Tell pass around Luzern). Likewise there are endless passes for museums etc in each region.
  • SBB. The website (and also app) for the train network covering buses, boats, and cable cars too. Timetables, ticket info, and pass info. It is sometimes better to look up the timetable for seasonal things like cable cars and boats on their own websites (eg: BLS boats on Brienzersee, or cable cars in the Aletsch region) as when they don’t run the SBB just gives a vague “can’t find the connection” notice. They do various travel passes, though it is best to carefully calculate your planned routes or figure out if it is worth it It is worth looking for the off-peak “super saver” tickets which limit you to a certain train but can cut the price in half (and if you have the half-tax this cuts the price again, to as much as 75% off).
  • Official accommodation (which should include Airbnb) will offer a guest card in many tourist areas including free/discounted local transport and activities. Typically this is just in the town/village and places 10-20 minutes away (eg for Interlaken), but in the beautiful and underrated canton of Ticino it covers the entire canton.
  • Aside from the standard options for finding rooms you might also want to look into other options such as, and . Many smaller independent options (especially farms and rural hotels) are not on etc and you will have to find them by trawling around on google maps. This could help if you really want to stay in a certain area but everything is booked out, but many of them have a very basic setup so you might need to phone up or fill in a form on their website.
  • Another option that might be worth considering is the Swiss Hotel Card, a 99CHF per year subscription that offers half priced hotel rooms. This is limited to participating hotels and doesn’t apply during the high season, but could easily pay for itself with just a single night or weekend. I have yet to try this, but the range of locations looks like it could be quite good for domestic travellers.
  • For more rural hut and farm based accommodation: , and , and , and . Some like offer the chance to sleep on straw in a barn.
  • Alpine huts are run by a few different organisations. The SAC website is the best starting point.
  • Camping. Standard campsites: , , and In addition there are a few websites where you can officially find a small patch to pitch up on a farm , and on too.
  • Wild camping is complex. The best way to sum it up is "Prohibited but tolerated under conditions". This SAC page has the most official guidelines. There are some pointers for the ideal situation (the more you follow the better): above the treeline, with the community / landowner’s permission, not in a protected area, single tent, set up as the sun goes down and dismantle at dawn, no fire/noise/disturbance/litter. Wild camping has increased in popularity in recent years, iconic spots like Seealpsee are having problems with numbers, so try and pick a less known spot.
  • Switzerland Mobility. Detailed map showing all official routes for hiking/biking/skating…. With lots of short and long suggested routes. If you sign up for the (paid) Pro version then you can plan routes on the map with detailed height information and pretty good time estimates. for example.
  • (mobile app - Swisstopo). The official govt map is amazing. Quick to load and use on desktop or mobile. You can toggle useful overlays like hiking paths (in some ways better than Mobility above as the levels are shown and the contrast makes it much clearer), and just about anything else from geological features to ski runs, you can even switch to historic versions of the map going back to the mid 1800s and watch the country grow. It will even convert any section you like to PDF for easy saving and printing. All for free.
  • When actually out and about I tend to use on my phone which has rather good coverage of the footpath system and addresses/businesses. That said it does have some big gaps in some areas. I wouldn’t use it for advanced routes, but to check my position and where a certain side path might take me it is mostly very useful. The directions feature sometimes gives good advice and sometimes decides that a perfectly good bit of path can’t be used and that you should take a 3 hour detour. The time calculator does not take height change into account, so do not trust that either.
Internet - culture
  • Swiss Watching - Diccon Bewes (2010). Switzerland seen through British eyes. A very readable and enjoyable introduction to the history, people, politics and areas of the country by someone who has lived there for years. Ideal reading as a traveller. There are some over generalisations but given the scope and size it mostly does a good job. If you read anything about Switzerland make it this. He also has a Google-talk video which is basically a condensed version of the book
  • Slow train to Switzerland - Diccon Bewes (2013). The author retraces the first Thomas Cook tour of Switzerland and shows how much has changed since then and by the rise of trains and tourism. A very interesting read for the history and travel ideas.
  • Around Switzerland in 80 Maps - Diccon Bewes (2015).Yet another Diccon book, though this is much more history and culture than travel based. At a large 33x23cm it isn’t travel friendly either, but it is beautifully done with a range of well reproduced images and interesting information. It is accessible and interesting to everyone, but I would say this book is most enjoyable to those who already know the Swiss landscape, history and culture to some extent already. The TedX talk that he does on the subject is rather good.
  • The Bergli publisher, which Diccon is part of, have quite a few light hearted books about Swiss culture and Switzerland.
  • How the English Made the Alps - Jim Ring (2000). A history of how the development of tourism, climbing, and winter sports played a major role in the development of the Alps. Not just Switzerland, but it is a major focus of the book.
  • A Tramp Abroad - Mark Twain (1880). FREE EBOOK. Satirical and absurd account of his travels in Europe. The Swiss part is often hilarious. As above is interesting to see just how much the country has changed since then. Several places such as Weggis-Rigi and Zermatt-Riffelberg have Theme walks in the approximate places where he walked himself. A tramp in this sense is to walk, not the homeless person as most people other than the Kiwis might assume.
  • Sherlock Holmes - The Final Problem - Arthur Conan Doyle (1893). FREE EBOOK. A quick and easy read of Holmes' "final" adventure ending at the Reichenbach falls by Meiringen. He oversells the waterfall somewhat though I must say.
  • The Magic Mountain - Thomas Mann (1924). Inspired by and set in a Davos mountain health retreat. No comment as have yet to read it.
  • Heidi - Johanna Spyri (1881). FREE EBOOK. The classic kids book which seems to be something of cliché and sales-device these days (for a start you can visit a fake Heidi house in Heidi village). It is only partly happy alpine adventures, and often rather painfully moralistic. Read until she is put on a train to Frankfurt and that should be enough.
  • William Tell - Friedrich Schiller (1804). FREE EBOOK. Performed every year in Interlaken amongst other places. Frankly it is really blood boring - the whole thing can be summed up that the Swiss are good christian brothers, and the Austrians are utter wankers.
  • Bill Bryson passes through in his 1991 book “Neither here nor there”. While still mostly a good read, being almost 30 years old the info is rather outdated in parts. The country has become much more lively since then for a start.
  • La Place de la Concorde Suisse - John McPhee (1984). A very out-dated but in some ways interesting read looking at Swiss military thinking and culture back in the 80s. The attitudes and situation are very different now over 30 years later. This is only really worth it if you really want to learn about that bit of Swiss history. It also commits the cardinal sin of having numerous bits of French scattered about the book but with no translation provided, which is really bloody annoying.
If your German is good then:
  • Von Casanova bis Churchill - Barbara Piatti (2016). A series of articles about famous visitors to Switzerland.
  • The publisher Emons does local Krimis. If you like a nice murder or two to go with your hiking spots. The quality is good enough but the writing is not going to win any literature awards.
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As a non-citizen, how can I contribute?

I moved to Canada from the US 18 months ago. My PR application is pending - with any luck, I should get it within 6 months.
I love it here. I want to contribute and give back. I'm a 34-year-old guy, so not as physically fit as an 18-year-old anymore, but I'm in good shape and smarter than your average bear. (Bears do rather poorly on IQ tests.)
I'm on a work permit right now, but once I get my PR, I'll have more options. I was disappointed to learn that you need to be a citizen to join the Royal Armed Forces. (Their site mentioned that some exceptions can be arranged in special circumstances, but I don't know if my Big Tech brain is that special.)
You also need your citizenship if you want to join the Mounted Police.
That's interesting because in the US they gladly accept permanent residents alongside citizens. (I guess the supply/demand situation in Canada is better.)
So... If I want to give a few years of my life to my beloved adopted country, what can I do? It'll be a couple more years until I can apply for citizenship. Any service paths for enthusiastic PRs who are extremely good at analytics? :)
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Post your questions & inquiries here! - r/Vietnam monthly random discussion thread - F.A.Q - September 2020

Please read the 3rd rule of the sub. Don't post your general questions & inquiries outside of this thread as they will be removed.

To keep this subreddit tidy, we have this monthly thread that is open for random discussions and questions. If you post your basic/general questions outside of this thread they will be removed. Sorry, we want to make this sub friendly but also want it to be clean and organized.
Some examples of the questions that should be posted here:
Tips to quickly find answers for your questions:
Many of your questions may have been answered since people keep asking the same ones again and again. Here is a quick tip to find the answers for yours.
First, have a look at our old sticky threads. A lot of useful information there. A lot of questions have been answered.
You can also use the search feature of Reddit, just like you do with Google.
Another option is to use Google, as Google understands your queries better than Reddit and can return better results.
Go to Google. Add 'site:' next to your queries (without quotes). For example, if I want to find info on eVisa in this subreddit, my query to put in Google is 'eVisa site:'.


Here are the common questions about travel/visa/living in Vietnam which have been answered by the community members, plus other useful information. Let me know if I forget to mention anything!
What is an eVisa and how to apply?
Best sites for applying eVisa.
Another thread on which websites to get a Vietnam visa from.
A US citizen's eVisa ordering experience.
EVisa or pre-approved visa letter?
Visa services?
Vietnam eVisa eligible ports on immigration.
New list of eVisa ports
Information on travelling to some northern cities of Vietnam + General tips.
A super informative AMA from a teenager living in Saigon.
Living in Vietnam:
Advice for any expats looking to relocate to Vietnam
An American expat married to a Vietnamese wife, fluent in the language, and living in Vietnam forever.
A Canadian looking to live and work in Vietnam.
A Vietkieu asking for people's experience on moving back to Vietnam.
Story of an American man lived in Vietnam in 4 years then moved back to the US + members discussing about living in Vietnam.
Why so many foreigners live in Vietnam, while Vietnamese people think this is a very bad place to live?
Teaching in English in Vietnam without a bachelor's degree.
Some tips and advice on learning Vietnamese. Several ways to send money to Vietnam.
Bike reviews
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Has anyone successfully joined the ShawPasspoint network as a Shaw Mobile customer?
The support site says to manually connect but I’ve never been able to successfully do it.
ShawMobileHotspot I’ve connected automatically, but not ShawPasspoint. It requires me to enter a username and password every time and there is no option to “scroll up and select AKA for the EAP method. “
A screen with log in and username pops up when I try to access the network. I’m on iOS 14.
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Long Thesis - Progyny - 100% upside - High-growth, profitable company is the only differentiated provider in a large, growing, and underserved market. PGNY’s high-touch, seamless offering helps them stand out against large insurance carriers.

Link to my research report on PGNY
High-growth, profitable company is the only differentiated provider in a large, growing, and underserved market. PGNY’s high-touch, seamless offering helps them stand out against large insurance carriers. Covid-19 has shown the importance of benefits for employees and will continue to be the key differentiator for those thinking of changing jobs. According to RMANJ (Reproductive Medicine Associates of New Jersey), 68% of people would switch jobs for fertility benefits.
For employers, Progyny reduces costs by including the latest cutting-edge technology in one packaged price, thereby lowering the risk of multiples and increasing the likelihood of pregnancy, keeping employees happy with an integrated, data-driven, concierge service partnering with a selective group of fertility doctors.
Upside potential is 2x current price in the next 18 months.
Progyny Inc. (Nasdaq: PGNY), “PGNY” or the “Company”, based in New York, NY, is the leading independent fertility and family building benefits manager. Progyny serves as a value-add benefits manager sold to employers who want to improve their benefits coverage and retain and attract the best employees. Progyny offers a comprehensive solution and is truly disrupting the fertility industry.
There is no standard fertility cycle, but the below is a good approximation of possible workflows:
  1. Patient is referred to fertility center for evaluation for Assisted Reproductive Technology (“ART”) procedures, including in-vitro fertilization (“IVF “) and intrauterine insemination (“IUI”). Both can be aided by pharmaceuticals that stimulate egg production in the female patient. IVF involves the fertilization of the egg and sperm in the lab, while IUI is direct injection of the sperm sample into the uterus. Often, IUI is done first as it is less expensive. As success rates of IVF have increased, IUI utilization will likely fall.
  2. Sperm washing is the separation of the sperm from the semen sample for embryo creation, and it enhances the freezing capacity of the sperm. Typically, a wash solution is added to the sample and then a centrifuge is used to undergo separation. This is done in both IUI and IVF.
  3. Some OB/GYN platforms are pursuing vertical integration and offering fertility services directly. The OB would need to be credentialed at the lab / procedure center.
  4. Specialty pharmacy arranges delivery of temperature sensitive Rx. Drug regimens include ovarian stimulation to increase the number of eggs or hormone manipulation to better time fertility cycles, among others.
  5. Oocyte retrieval / aspiration is done under deep-sedation anesthesia in a procedure room, typically in the attached IVF lab. Transfer cycle implantation is done using ultrasound guidance without anesthesia. (Anecdotally, we have been told that only REIs can perform an egg retrieval. We have not been able to validate this).
  6. Many clinics house frozen embryos on-site, while some clinics contract with 3rd parties to manage the process. During an IVF cycle, embryos are created from all available eggs. Single-embryo transfer (“SET”) is becoming the norm, which means that multiple embryos are then cryopreserved to use in the future. A fertility preservation cycle ends here with a female storing eggs for long-term usage (e.g. a woman in her young 20s deciding to freeze her eggs for starting a family later).
  7. Common nomenclature refers to an IVF cycle or an IVF cycle with Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (“ICSI”). From a technical perspective, ICSI and IVF are different forms of embryo fertilization within an ART cycle.
  8. ART clinics are frequently offering ancillary services such as embryo / egg adoption or surrogacy services. More frequently, there are independent companies that help with the adoption process and finding surrogates.
  9. ART procedures are broken into two different types of cycles: a banking cycle is the process by which eggs are gathered, embryos are created and then transferred to cryopreservation. A transfer cycle is typically the transfer of a thawed embryo to the female for potential pregnancy. If a pregnancy does not occur, another transfer cycle ensues. Many REIs are moving towards a banking cycle, freezing all embryos, then transfer cycles until embryos are exhausted or a birth occurs. If a birth occurs with the first embryo, patients can keep their embryos for future pregnancy attempts, donate the embryos to a donation center, or request the destruction of the embryos.
The Company started as Auxogen Biosciences, an egg-freezing provider before changing business models to focus on providing a full-range of fertility benefits. In 2016, they launched with their first 5 employer clients and 110,000 members. As of June 30, 2020, the Company provided benefits to 134 employers and ~2.2 million members, year over year growth of 63%. 134 employers is less than 2% of the total addressable market of “approximately 8,000 self-insured employers in the United States (excluding quasi-governmental entities, such as universities and school systems, and labor unions) who have a minimum of 1,000 employees and represent approximately 69 million potential covered lives in total. Our current member base of 2.1 million represents only 3% of our total market opportunity.”
The utilization rate for all Progyny members was less than 1% in 2019, offering significant leverageable upside as the topic of fertility becomes less taboo.
Fertility has historically been a process fraught one-sided knowledge, even more so than the typical physician procedure. Despite the increased availability of information on the internet, women who undergo fertility treatments have often described the experience as “byzantine” and “chaotic”. Outdated treatment models without the latest technology (or the latest tech offered as expensive a la carte options) continue to be the norm at traditional insurance providers as well as clinics that do not accept insurance. Progyny’s differentiated approach, including a high-touch concierge level of service for patients and data-driven decision making at the clinical level, has led to an NPS of 72 for fertility benefits and 80 for the integrated, optional pharmacy benefit.
Typically, fertility benefits offered by large insurance carriers are add-ons to existing coverage subject to a lifetime maximum while simultaneously requiring physicians to try IUI 3 – 6 times before authorizing IVF. The success rate of IUI, also known as artificial insemination, is typically less than 10%, even when performed with medication. As mentioned in Progyny’s IPO “A patient with mandated fertility step therapy protocol may be required to undergo three to six cycles of IUI, which has an average success rate range of 5% to 15%, takes place over three to six months and can cost up to $4,000 per cycle (or an aggregate of approximately $12,000 to $24,000), according to FertilityIQ. Multiple rounds of mandated IUI is likely to exhaust the patient's lifetime dollar maximum fertility benefits and waste valuable time before more effective IVF treatment can be begun.”
Success Rates for IVF
IVF success rates vary greatly by age but were 49% on average for women younger than 35. The graph below shows success rates by all clinics by age group for those that did at least 10 cycles in the specific age group. As an example, for those in the ages 35 – 37, out of 456 available clinics, 425 performed at least 10 cycles with a median success rate of 39.7%.
Progyny’s Smart Cycle is the proprietary method the company has chosen as a “currency” for fertility benefits. As opposed to a traditional fee-for-service model with step-up methods, employers may choose to provide between 2 and unlimited Smart Cycles to employees. This enables employees to choose the provider’s best method. Included in the Smart Cycle, and another indicator of the Company’s forward-thinking methodology, are treatment options that deliver better outcomes (PGS, ICSI, multiple embryo freezing with future implantations).
As detailed in the chart above, a patient could undergo an IVF cycle that freezes all embryos (3/4 of a Smart Cycle), then transfer 5 frozen embryos (1/4 cycle each; each transfer would occur at peak ovulation, which would take at least 5 months) and use only 2 Smart Cycles. Alternatively, if the patient froze all embryos and got pregnant on the first embryo transfer, they would only use one cycle.
Before advances in vitrification (freezing), patients could not be sure that an embryo created in the lab and frozen for later use would be viable, so using only one embryo at a time seemed wasteful. Now, as freezing technology has advanced, undergoing one pharmaceutical regime, one oocyte collection procedure, creating as many embryos as possible, and then transferring one embryo back into the uterus while freezing the rest provides the highest ROI. If the first transferred embryo fails to implant or otherwise does not lead to a baby, the patient can simply thaw the next embryo and try implantation again next month.
Included in each Smart Cycle is pre-implantation genetic sequencing (“PGS”) on all available embryos and intracytoplasmic sperm injection (“ICSI”). PGS uses next-generation sequencing technology to determine the viability and sex of the embryo while ICSI is a process whereby a sperm is directly inserted into the egg to start fertilization, rather than allowing the sperm to penetrate the egg naturally. ICSI has a slightly higher rate of successful fertilization (as opposed to simply leaving the egg and sperm in the petri dish).
Because Progyny’s experience is denominated in cycles of care, not simply dollars, patients and doctors can focus on what procedures offer the best return. 30% of the Company’s existing network of doctors do not accept insurance of any kind, other than Progyny, which speaks to the value that is provided to doctors and employers.
For patients not looking to get pregnant, Progyny offers egg freezing as well. Progyny started as an egg-freezing manager, which allows a woman to preserve her fertility and manage her biological clock. As mentioned previously, pregnancy outcomes vary significantly and align closely with the age of the egg. Egg freezing is designed to allow a woman to save her younger eggs until she is ready to start a family. From an employer’s perspective, keeping younger women in the work force for longer is a cost savings. Vitrification technology has improved significantly since “Freeze your eggs, Free Your Career” was the headline on Bloomberg Businesweek in 2014, but we still don’t yet know the pregnancy rates for women who froze their eggs 5 years ago, but early results are promising and on par with IVF rates for women of similar ages now.
From a female perspective, the egg freezing process is not an easy one. The patient is still required to inject themselves with stimulation drugs and the egg retrieval process is the same as in the IVF process (under sedation). The same number of days out of work are required. Using the SmartCycle benefit above as an example, the egg freezing process would require ½ of a Smart Cycle. The annual payment required to the clinic is typically included in the benefits package but may require out-of-pocket expenses covered by the employee.
Contrary to popular belief, IVF pregnancies do not have a higher rate of multiples (twins, triplets, etc.), rather in order to reduce out of pocket costs, REIs have transferred multiple embryos to the patient, in the hopes of achieving a pregnancy. If you have struggled for years to get pregnant, and the doctor is suggesting that transferring 3 embryos at once is your best chance at success, you are unlikely to complain, nor are you likely to selectively eliminate an implanted embryo because you now have twins. There are several factors that are making it more likely / acceptable to transfer one embryo at a time, enabling Progyny’s success.
From the Company: “According to a study published in the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology that analyzed the total costs of care over 400,000 deliveries between 2005 and 2010, as adjusted for inflation, the maternity and perinatal healthcare costs attributable to a set of twins are approximately $150,000 on average, more than four times the comparable costs attributable to singleton births of approximately $35,000, and often exceed this average. In the case of triplets, the costs escalate significantly and average $560,000, sometimes extending upwards of $1.0 million.”
“Progyny's selective network of high-quality fertility specialists consistently demonstrate a strong adherence to best practices with a substantially higher single embryo transfer rate. As a result, our members experience significantly fewer pregnancies with multiples (e.g., twins or triplets). Multiples are associated with a higher probability of adverse medical conditions for the mother and babies, and as a byproduct, significantly escalate the costs for employers. Our IVF multiples rate is 3.6% compared to the national average of 16.1%. A lower multiples rate is the primary means to achieving lower high-risk maternity and NICU expenses for our clients.”
An educated and supported patient leads to better outcomes. Each patient gets a patient care advocate who interacts with a patient, on average, 15x during their usage of fertility benefits - before treatment, during treatment and post-pregnancy. The Company provides phone-based clinical education and support seven days a week and the Company’s proprietary “UnPack It” call allows patients to speak to a licensed pharmacy clinician who describes the medications included in the package (which contains an average of 20 items per cycle), provides instruction on proper medication administration, and ensures that cycles start on time. The Company’s single medication authorization and delivery led to no missed or delayed cycles in 2018.
Previous conference calls have made note of the fact that the Company would like to purchase their own specialty pharmacy and own every aspect of that interaction, which should provide a lift to gross margins. This would allow PGNY to manage both the medication and the treatment, leading to decreased cost of fertility drugs. Under larger carrier programs, carriers manage access to treatment, but PBM manages access to medications, which can lead to a delay in cycle commencement.
Progyny Rx can only be added to the Progyny fertility benefits solution (not offered without subscription to base fertility benefits) and offers patients a potentially lower cost fertility drug benefit, while streamlining what is often a frustrating part of the consumer experience. The Progyny Rx solution reduces dispensing and delivery times and eliminates the possibility that a cycle does not start on time due to a specialty pharmacy not delivering medication. Progyny bills employers for fertility medication as it is dispensed in accordance with the individual Smart Cycle contract. Progyny Rx was introduced in 2018 and represented only 5% of total revenue in 2018. By June 30, 2020, Progyny Rx represented 28% of total revenue and increased 15% y/y. The growth rate should slow and move more in line with the fertility benefits solution as the existing customer base adds it to their package.
Progyny Rx can save employers 5% on spend for typical carrier fertility benefits or 21% of the drug spend. Prior authorization is not required, and the pre-screened network of specialty pharmacies can deliver within 48 hours. Additionally, PGNY has 1-year contracts, as opposed to 3 – 5 years like standard PBMs, but with guaranteed minimums, allowing them to purchase at discounts and pass part of the savings on to employers – another reason the attachment rate is so high.
Large, Underpenetrated Addressable Market
Total cycle counts are increasing (below, in 000s), including both freezing cycles and intended-pregnancy cycles. Acceleration in cycle volume is likely driven by a declining birth rate as women wait later in life to start a family, resulting in reduced fertility, as well as the number of non-traditional (LGBT and single parents). Conservatively, we believe cycles can double in the next 8 years, a 7% CAGR.
Progyny believes its addressable market is the $6.7B spent on infertility treatments in 2017, but these numbers could easily understate the available market and potential patients as over 50% of people in the US who are diagnosed as infertile do not seek treatment. Additionally, according to the Company, 35% of its covered universe did not previously have fertility benefits in place previously, meaning there is a growing population of people who are now considering their fertility options. According to Willis Towers, Watson, ~ 55% of employers offered fertility benefits in 2018.
A quick review of CDC stats and FertilityIQ shows a significant disparity in outcomes and emotions for those who are seeking treatment. While technology in the embryo lab is improving rapidly and success rates between clinics should be converging, there continue to be significant outliers. Clinics that follow what are now generally accepted procedures (follicle stimulating hormones, a 5-day incubation period and PGS to determine embryo viability) have seen success rates of at least 40%. There continue to be several providers that offer a mini-IVF cycle or natural IVF cycle. Designed to appeal to cost conscious cash payors, the on average $5,000 costs, is simply IVF without prescription drugs or any add-ons such as PGS. However, the success rates are on par with IUI and there is an abundance of patients over 40 using the service, where the success rates are already low. Additionally, success stories at these clinics frequently align with what is perceived as the worst parts of the process:
One clinic offering a natural cycle IVF has a rating at FertilityIQ of ~8.0 with 60% of people strongly recommending it. This clinic performed 2,000 cycles in 2018 (the most recently available data from the CDC), making it one of the top 10 most active fertility center in the US. Their success rate for women under 35 was 23%, as opposed to the national average of 50% for all clinics. For women over 43, the average success rate for the most active 40 clinics in this demographic was 5.0% this clinics success rate was 0.4%. The lower success rate is likely due to the lack of pre-cycle drugs and PGS, but the success rate and the average rating is hard to understand. Part of this could be to the customer service provided by the clinic, or the perceived benefit of having to go into the office less often for check-ups when not doing a medication driven cycle.
Reviews from other clinics with high average customer ratings, but low success rates include:
- “start of a journey that consisted of multiple IUI’s with numerous medications, but they were not successful.”
- After an IVF retrieval, the couple had two viable embryos, both were transferred the next month”
- “The couple started with a series of IUI treatments, three in total that were not successful.”
- “After a fresh transfer of two embryos, again another unsuccessful cycle”.
- “He suggested transferring 2 due to higher implantation rates, but there is increased rate of twins “
Progyny’s comps have typically been other high-growth companies that went public in the last two years: 1Life Healthcare (ONEM), Accolade (ACCD), Health Catalyst (HCAT), Health Equity (HQY), Livongo (LVGO), Phreesia (PHR), as well as Teladoc (TDOC). Despite revenue growth that outpaces these companies, PGNY’s revenue multiple of 4.4x 2021E revenue is a 40% discount to the peer group median. PNGY’s lower gross margin is likely limiting the multiple. However, Progyny is the one of the few profitable companies in this group and the only one with realistic EBTIDA margins. SG&A leverage is the most likely driver of increased EBITDA and can be achieved by utilizing data to improve clinical outcomes in the future, but primarily by increased productive of the sales reps, including larger employer wins and larger employee utilization.
Perhaps the best direct comp is Bright Horizons (BFAM). BFAM offers childcare as a healthcare benefit where employees can use pre-tax dollars to pay for childcare. BFAM offers both onsite childcare centers built to the employer’s specification (owned by the employer and operated by BFAM), as well as shared-site locations that are open to the public and back-up sitter services. Currently, PGNY is trading at 4.4x 2021E Revenue, in-line with BFAM’s 4.3x multiple. I would argue that PGNY should trade significantly higher given the asset-lite business model and higher ROIC.
Recent Results
Post Covid-19, fertility treatments came back faster than anticipated, combined with disciplined operations, PGNY drove revenue and EBITDA above 2Q2020 consensus estimates. Utilization is still below historical levels, but management’s visibility led to excellent FY21 revenue estimates (consensus is around $555M, a y/y increase of 62%.
2Q2020 revenue increased 15% to $64.6M, and EBITDA increased 18% to $6.5M, primarily driven by SBC as the 15% revenue was not enough to leverage the additional G&A people hired in the last 18 months. The end of the quarter as fertility docs opened their offices back up for remote visits saw better operating margin.
Despite the shutdown in fertility clinics during COVID-19, Progyny was able to successfully add several clients.
“The significant majority of the clinics in our network chose to adhere to ASRMs guidelines, and our volume of fertility treatments and dispensing of the related medications declined significantly over the latter part of the quarter. . . Through the end of March and into the first half of April, we saw significant reductions in the utilization of the benefit by our members down to as low as 15%, when compared to the early part of Q1 were 15% of what we consider to be normal levels. In April, the New York Department of Health declared that fertility is an essential health service and stated that clinics have the authority to treat their patients and perform procedures during the pandemic. Then on April 24, ASRM updated its guidelines which were reaffirmed on May 11, advising that practices could reopen for all procedures so long as it could be done in a measured way that is safe for patients and staff.”
Revenue increased by $33.8 million, 72% in 1Q2020. This increase is primarily due to a $19.0 million, or 47% increase, in revenue from fertility benefits. Additionally, the Company experienced a $14.8 million or 216% increase in revenue from specialty pharmacy. Revenue growth was due to the increase in the number of clients and covered lives. Progyny Rx revenue growth outpaced the fertility benefits revenue since Progyny Rx went live with only a select number of clients on January 1, 2018 and has continued to add both new and existing fertility benefit solution clients since its initial launch.
The only true competition is the large insurance companies, but, as mentioned previously, they are not delivering care the same way. WINFertility is the largest manager of fertility insurance benefits on behalf of Anthem, Aetna and Cigna and are not directly involved in the delivery of care. Carrot is a Silicon Valley startup that recently raised $24M in a Series B with several brand name customers (StitchFix, Slack) where they focus on negotiating discounts at fertility clinics for their customers, who then use after-tax dollars from their employers.
Risks to Thesis
Though there is risk a large carrier may switch to a model similar to Progyny’s, I believe it is unlikely given the established relationships with REIs at the clinic level, the difficulty of managing a more selective network of providers, and the lack of
interest shown previously in eliminating the IUI. It is more likely a carrier would acquire Progyny first.
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Can't even understand Ctrl+C/V

A few years ago I used to work for one of the Big Four Accounting companies as an on-site tech support along with another guy and our supervisor, company decided to open a new office and I was transferred there as someone with experience to train the new guys hired for that location. After a few months, we've been sharing stories with the other office of how dumb the numbers (the way we called users) were in the new office.
The first day that my coworker from the main office visited I had the following interaction with the manager of one of the departments, I had already shared a lot of stories about this manager with him as she was the dumbest person I've ever or will ever meet:
(Number as the manager)
Number : RasT110e5 I want to know how to move text from window to window
Me ( not surprised ): OK, I don't really know what you mean, but can you show me what you are trying to do?
Number : Yes, I've seen my team do it but I don't quite understand how, because they don't use the mouse..., (proceeds to show me that she basically wanted to copy and paste text)
Me : Ohhh ok (understanding that shortcuts are not well known by everyone and that she might be a MacOs user), you need to drag the mouse over the text like so, then press Ctrl and while pressing also press 'C', the- (cuts me off)
Number : Nothing happened....
My coworker (looking at me covering his face with the monitor so only I can see him): (contains laughter)
Me : Yeah, this is just the first step, now you nee- (cuts me off)
Number : This is so hard, isn't there an easiest way???
Me : No, there is no shorter way that 2 commands, as you need to select where to paste the text you just copied.
Number (not convinced): ok...
Me : After you've done step 1 you need to go to where you want to paste the text, click on the text editor of that application and then while pressing Ctrl press 'V'
Number (surprised like the first human being to discover fire): YEAH YEAH that's what I wanted, do it again.
Me : (explain the "process again") and (ask her to do it a couple of times)
Number : great, thanks. (leaves our office)
My coworker was in disbelief on how someone can be this detached with technology and manage more that 10 people for a department that oversees the action of potentially any department in the company, but well, we laugh it of and continue with our day.
Not 5 mins later we get a knock on the door and, she again. It took all of my control to not laugh to death upon the first thing that came out of her mouth...
Number : What came after Ctrl???
My coworker (again covering himself against the monitor): (starts looking at me like somehow this person is stealing IQ points from everyone around her)
Me: Number come here, sit with me, we will go over the process again until its clear.
Number : How come there's not an easier way?? you IT guys always make it so hard for the normal people.
Me : *exhale*...
Me : (I explain the process around 5 times and write a post it note with the 2 shortcuts and in which order to use them)
After she finally leaves the office I let go and start laughing uncontrollably hard and my coworker had the biggest face of disgust that is humanly possible to do.
For me it was just another funny story of someone that just didn't get technology, but my coworker took it personal, and later on when I left the company and he replaced me in that office as the one with more experience, he took it upon himself to get rid of this manager, but that's a different story.
TL;DR: Manager didn't know that copy and paste existed since 1973 and blames us for it.
There are a lot of comments of why didn't I just teach her with the right click method, I didn't because this particular company has tons of proprietary software which overrides the right click options for specific business logic options, and I didn't want to have that dreaded but completely foreseeable call "RasT110e5 this program broke my copy paste... I need this fix now!!!"
To whomever wants to now how Number's story in the company continued, my coworker added this story.
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Hunting in California 101: How to Get Started (a Non-Definitive Guide)

Hunting in California 101: What I Wish I Knew When I Started

I swear it's really not as bad as people make it out to be.


So you're probably reading this because you're interested in hunting in California and/or you're a new hunter who is struggling to do more than take a long walk in the woods with your weapon of choice. That or you just want to find all my mistakes and point them out. Great! This is written for you (even the pedants).
Since someone will ask, no I do not work for Fish and Wildlife. No I am not some professional guide or outfitter. I've just spent a lot of time hunting here as well as other states. I'm a transplanted software engineer on the Losing Side of Twenty-Five who fell victim to the sun and salary trap of San Diego and now I'm stuck. I've posted quite a bit on this subreddit before on a different Reddit account and even met with people from here. Then I lost the password to that account and I guess I never set up a recovery email. I'm bad with computers. Thank God I can fool my employer.

Part 0: How do I actually get started hunting in California?

Part 1: What do I really need for hunting?

Part 2: Tags, Stamps, and Points. Oh my!

Part 3: Finding Public Land to Hunt On

It's not that hard. I swear. There are 38,197,000 acres of public land--38% of the entire state--open to hunting. Is it hard to find GOOD hunting land not overrun by other hunters? Yes. That's why you scout and get used to hiking quite a bit. It's not impossible, however, and that's what matters.
Use OnX. No seriously. It's worth every cent. Every single time a new hunter asks me where to go my answer is OnX. I don't want to do a write-up on every amazing feature this software has to offer because they have a YouTube channel where they do it better than I ever could. That being said, there are a few things worth mentioning for people who are too lazy to watch some YouTube videos.
First - you can use OnX from both a PC and smartphone. I'm mentioning this because quite a few people I know were surprised when I told them the website works from PC. It's way easier to plan a hunt on a 27 inch monitor than a 5.8 inch phone. The website and the phone app are synced so if you add a marker to the website, it appears on the phone (and vice versa).
Second - check out the layers library and use them. As an example, you should have the layer for recent fires turned on when you're looking for bear, deer or elk opportunities. Again, I'm not sure why people don't realize this is available.
Third - use markers and colors which make sense. When I first started using OnX, I would mark everything in the most haphazard fashion. It's not useful. I suggest keeping it simple. If I think an area might have access I drop a yellow "A", if I confirm that it has access I drop a blue"A" and if it turns out there's no getting there I set a red "A". It makes it easy to read quickly. However, do whatever is easy and works for you. Just make sure you understand what you're looking at and you're consistent with it.
What kind of land can I hunt on? Legal Disclaimer: You should verify with all respective agencies and landowners that hunting is permitted at specific locations because I'm not responsible for you going to jail etc.
What Kind of land CAN'T I hunt on?
Will you tell me your secret spot?
I don't have one and none of my spots are secrets. They're all on public land. If you're really lost-in-space or just generally nervous about going somewhere you scouted through a website and you happen to be local to Southern California, just message me and I'll help out. It's really not that difficult though.

Part 4: Alternatives For When You Don't Get The Tag You Want

SHARE Hunts for Elk
This is a California-specific hunting opportunity. It's another lottery but it's an agreement between the state and private landowners to permit very regulated hunting on their properties. Each hunt is different and, again, this is a lottery so it's basically a moonshot; however, the odds of getting drawn on an elk tag is actually higher here than most general draws are with zero points. The money goes back into the program. The SHARE elk drawings close 7/24 this year. Which happens to be today. You can read more about the SHARE opportunities here. Enter through the online DFW license sales.
Leaving California (Hunting out-of-state): Since you can check out, but never leave, right? It's worth looking at other states.

Continued Here: Hunting In California 102: Draws, Deer, and Dove. Plus a bit on finding a hunting buddy.

I noticed a mistake!
Great! Comment below and I'll fix it. We're all human and I don't pretend to be infallible.
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Suggestions to Fix Audio

Audio right now is in a sort of nightmare place where it's neither realistic, fair, or balanced. These are three things I think everyone agrees the game should aim for.
So what's wrong?
  1. Hearing through walls / floors really well - It's already being worked on (hopefully still is). I hope the community doesn't riot when they have to actually check for enemies rather than soundwhore in a building though.
  2. Crouch walking quieter than stand walking at same speed - makes no sense even though every game does it lol. Make stand walking be the quieter option
  3. No silent options for things like aiming down site, turning in place, opening doors, pulling pins on grenades, consumables, toggling site / laser, ect. - Implement a key that, when combined with these actions, will perform a much slower animation that is much quieter or completely silent. I should be able to slowly bring my optic to my eyes without making everyone in the building aware.
  4. They need to sort of standardize the sound so that if you turn your volume up loud enough to be competitive then you don't also get hearing damage and blown out speakers when a grenade goes off or you fire a vepr hunter. Make the super loud stuff quieter I guess.
What's good about EFT sound?
  1. The quality of the sounds themselves are extremely well done, save for the fact that they use hardwood tap dancing for tree trunks lmao
  2. Debris on floor that makes extra sound, like rubble or broken glass - This is really cool, gives players who have good attention to detail or map knowledge an advantage and just works really well. Love it.
Overall my biggest problem right now is that sound is so easy in this game, it's so easy to just sit in a room and soundwhore or enter a building slowly and soundwhore and hear everyone's position in the building. Right now if I'm entering a building, I'll do it super slow, for the first few seconds. I'll wait 10 seconds because people who are looting are probably not going to slow crouch the entire time it would just take them forever. So instantly it's like I have some sorta ESP through walls and floors. I hate it. It discourages high IQ flank plays and instead dramatically encourages camping / super slow movement.
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Post your questions & inquiries here! - r/Vietnam monthly random discussion thread - F.A.Q - August 2020

Please read the 3rd rule of the sub. Don't post your general questions & inquiries outside of this thread as they will be removed.

To keep this subreddit tidy, we have this monthly thread that is open for random discussions and questions. If you post your basic/general questions outside of this thread they will be removed. Sorry, we want to make this sub friendly but also want it to be clean and organized.
Some examples of the questions that should be posted here:
Tips to quickly find answers for your questions:
Many of your questions may have been answered since people keep asking the same ones again and again. Here is a quick tip to find the answers for yours.
First, have a look at our old sticky threads. A lot of useful information there. A lot of questions have been answered.
You can also use the search feature of Reddit, just like you do with Google.
Another option is to use Google, as Google understands your queries better than Reddit and can return better results.
Go to Google. Add 'site:' next to your queries (without quotes). For example, if I want to find info on eVisa in this subreddit, my query to put in Google is 'eVisa site:'.


Here are the common questions about travel/visa/living in Vietnam which have been answered by the community members, plus other useful information. Let me know if I forget to mention anything!
What is an eVisa and how to apply?
Best sites for applying eVisa.
Another thread on which websites to get a Vietnam visa from.
A US citizen's eVisa ordering experience.
EVisa or pre-approved visa letter?
Visa services?
Vietnam eVisa eligible ports on immigration.
New list of eVisa ports
Information on travelling to some northern cities of Vietnam + General tips.
A super informative AMA from a teenager living in Saigon.
Living in Vietnam:
Advice for any expats looking to relocate to Vietnam
An American expat married to a Vietnamese wife, fluent in the language, and living in Vietnam forever.
A Canadian looking to live and work in Vietnam.
A Vietkieu asking for people's experience on moving back to Vietnam.
Story of an American man lived in Vietnam in 4 years then moved back to the US + members discussing about living in Vietnam.
Why so many foreigners live in Vietnam, while Vietnamese people think this is a very bad place to live?
Teaching in English in Vietnam without a bachelor's degree.
Some tips and advice on learning Vietnamese. Several ways to send money to Vietnam.
Bike reviews
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Don't ever go full REEETARD - Counter to Shorting a Hyper-growth Company -PRPL DD inside

Don't ever go full REEETARD - Counter to Shorting a Hyper-growth Company -PRPL DD inside
There was recently a post from u/jean-claude_vandamme. You can tell he utilized every one of his 47 chromosomes to write it because it is pretty retarded and lacks any real point. His DD is questionable and he has absolutely 0 skin in the game. Here is the article, if you want to leave dumber, take a look.

Van Dam Making a move
First of all- In summary, he claimed that a handful of us own a massive portion of the outstanding shares, he claimed there have been dilutive offerings and he claimed that the run up was almost certainly because of this forum. There were also claims that small purchases will move the price of the stock drastically.

I would advise against going short for the following reasons:

  • Institutional ownership is a good thing- brings big players to the table that can stabilize the stock. Also his float numbers were pulled from 15 different sites. INSTITUTIONAL OWNERSHIP IS GOOD, it means smart educated firms are investing.
  • This guy literally has no position, other than bent over on his Casper mattress and let's be honest, it's as uncomfortable for us as it is for him. I will sell him puts, that is how confident I am. I have sold more than 500 PUT contracts. See below. If he wants to make some money he should buy some puts or actually short the stock. Mr. VanDam, Tell me which expiration and strikes and I'll be there for you. If these puts are to be called I would need to come up with nearly 650K.
My Current PUT contracts
  • There are 54M shares outstanding of which ~33M are publicly traded.
Float Size
  • I do not own shares, I own warrants, this is the right to buy shares that have not yet been issued.
  • There have been 2 offerings NONE OF THE OFFERINGS HAVE BEEN DILUTIVE, THEY HAVE BEEN OFFERINGS from the founders, they took shares that already existed and registered them for public sale. Please read this statement on the filing. The owners converted class B (private) shares and converted them on 1:1 for class A shares. PURPLE DID NOT RECEIVE A DIME from this SALE and the float remained the same, with more of it being available to the public.
Registration statement claiming no proceeds from sale are going to purple.
  • See Capital Structure
    • Class b shares were exchanged 1:1 for public class A shares.
  • There are insinuations that a small 10K share transaction will artificially move the stock price. There were nearly 900K shares that traded hands (nearly 18M dollars of transactions) The stock went up 1 cent. Need I say more? Today alone, there was a transaction
Volume, and market CAP
  • I pulled some level 2 Option data to show you tards that the stock movement and option movement are very unlikely to be single individuals.
    • There are several transactions in the tens of thousands of dollars. See level 2 data
    • There were transactions with more than 20K shares changing hands in a single purchase.
Stock Transactions
some transactions are more than 30K dollars
  • Purple YOY performance has been great. See Financial statements:
Financial Statement
  • Below is PURPLE prospectus showing their retail growth and average mattress price growth. Currently purple is in about 1800 stores, in the USA alone there are nearly 30,000 stores. Purple's wholesale penetration is about as small as Jean Claudes IQ and their MOAT is about as thick as his Skull - PURPLE has over 100 patents.
YOY retail growth and Average Mattress selling price of nearly 1900$$$$

Let Website traffic also be an indication of the growing pains they will see.
Sorry it took so long to respond, I tripped over a money stack today and had to go to the doctor. You can go full retard and trust a guy that gets his due diligence from pornhub or you can trust someone that has been through the big drop and made millions, your call.
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July 13th - 14th (Monday - Tuesday) Coronavirus Megathread

The coronavirus megathread is updated every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If you’re looking for the previous megathread, please click here.
This thread is default sorted to show new comments at the top.
A megathread means that posts related to the topic, in this case COVID-19, will be consolidated into a single community thread. Posts outside of the megathread are subject to being deleted and re-directed into the megathread.
The exception to this rule is a major local health related announcement or event. These posts impact significant amounts of people and should be seen separately.
Masks are now mandatory in Madison County as of 7/7/2020.
Great discussion on mask availability on this thread. You can also get 50 surgical masks for $30 from Staples with next day delivery.
Huntsville Hospital COVID-19 Testing Clinic at 120 Governors Drive is a stand-alone clinic and the first in Huntsville for COVID-19. The clinic is recommended for children and adults ages 6 and older who exhibit a broad range of upper respiratory illnesses, including influenza, sore throat, strep throat, fevers or potential exposure to COVID-19.
NEW FOR FEVER AND FLU CLINIC The Fever & Flu closed early due to running out of tests for the week on 7/1. This site location is now ONLY for those with symptoms.
For those without symptoms (like exposures), the test site at John Hunt Park will be available starting 6 July at 2151 Airport Rd SW, Huntsville, AL 35801.
Other Testing Options
Beware the same day COVID tests - they have proven higher false negatives. These are offered at the Urgent Medcare clinics around town.
There are other testing options as well. Searching google brings up a list of testing locations along with procedures. Recommend calling first to make sure they’re open and to ask about procedures.
There are also two tests you can do at home that the FDA has approved.
Alabama Department of Public Health Latest Report – 52,908 infected; 4,680 cases in N. AL. Yesterday's count was 51,294. 252 additional cases in N. AL consisting of Jackson, Limestone, Madison & Morgan counties. AL's fatality count is 1,093 confirmed deaths plus another 28 as probable.
  • Madison County is now the 5th highest in total cases of COVID.
  • Limestone County had 2 additional fatalities on 7/10.
  • Madison County had an additional fatality on 7/8 bringing the total to 9.
  • North Alabama had 803 cumulative cases at the end of May as compared to 2,376 at the end of June. As of 9 July, we are at 4,075.
Recommend checking out the map link for each county for more detailed information.
Jackson County | Limestone County | Madison County | Morgan County | Marshall County
Data Source
Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) is the single source of information for COVID-19. Other reporting entities take the same raw data and provide different visualization and analytics of it.
Hospitalizations are voluntarily reported and may be underreported.
Data Reporting Issues for ADPH
6/28 - ADPH reported several labs did not submit their data and totals were [impacted](6/28 - ADPH reported several labs did not submit their data and totals were impacted).
During the first week of June, ADPH had reporting issues due to an IT issue. Numbers during this time do not represent the true amount of cases being reported. By June 7th, they reported the issue as corrected. Additionally, ADPH is only updating daily numbers once per day at 10 AM as of June 4th.
Bama Tracker
Highly recommend the dashboard developed by magicandwires for Alabama-specific cases COVID-19 Tracker. This is my favorite source and it is continually rolling out improvements. Magicandwires is doing this on his own dime so don’t forget there’s a donation link on the page.
New for bamatracker is an email with updates. You can get them daily or weekly with state stats and the county of your choosing. It's pretty great. Sign up at
These are a handful that I have captured as seen and do not represent the full scope of businesses being impacted.
These are aggregated reports of businesses with publicly announced employees that have tested positive. The Alabama Department of Public Health does not mandate reporting, closing, or quarantining other employees when an employee tests positive. These businesses are self-disclosing.
5/15 – Huntsville – Rosie’s had one employee test positive followed by two more the following week.
5/22 – Huntsville – Sports Page Lounge has an employee test positive.
6/2 – Huntsville – Shaggy’s had two employees test positive.
6/7 – Huntsville – Honest Coffee has an employee test positive. 6/12 - Huntsville - Charrito's Bar & Grill had the spouse and then their husband test positive. No symptoms.
6/18 - Decatur - Scruggs BBQ had an employee test positive. Will reopen 1 July.
6/18 - Huntsville - Green Pea Press had an asymptomatic employee test positive after being exposed.
6/21 - Huntsville - Rosie's on University had a positive employee.
6/22 - Arab - Grumpy's Pizza and Pasta had an employee test positive.
6/22 - Decatur - Mellow Mushroom, Moe's BBQ, Decatur Country Club had employees test positive
6/22 - Decatur - Family Security Credit Union had an employee test positive
6/25 - Huntsville - 24/7 Gym had an employee test positive.
6/26 - Huntsville - Kindercare on Bailey Cover AND Bradford has closed for two weeks due to an employee testing positive.
6/27 - Huntsville - Humphrey's Bar & Grill had an employee test positive.
6/28 - Huntsville - Furniture Factory closed for cleaning "just to be safe".
6/29 - Huntsville - West End Grill had an employee test positive.
7/1 - Huntsville - Hunt Club had an employee test positive.
7/2 - Huntsville - Rhythm on Monroe had a part time employee test positive.
7/4 - Huntsville - Taziki's had "a few" employees test positive.
7/5 - Huntsville - Mezza Luna had an employee test positive.
7/9 - Madison - Champy's had an employee test positive
7/9 - Huntsville - Luciano's had an employee test positive.
submitted by addywoot to HuntsvilleAlabama [link] [comments]

Top 10 Nikola Naysayer's Baseless Arguments. Try harder, folks.

EDIT: There are now 19 items on this list. Last updated on Sep 15, 2020.
If you’re coming from subs that are heavily anti-Nikola such as wallstreetbets and RealNikola, I hope folks there haven’t closed your mind to the point you can’t see facts when they’re presented to you. The following is meant to address baseless claims so that we can move onto legitimate concerns and questions about Nikola Corporation.
Now be prepared for some serious due diligence (DD). This will take awhile...
Before you read the items below, I suggest first watching the following videos: - Real Engineering Video (Sep 5, 2020—a great summary of Nikola’s business model) - Tesla Joy Video (Aug 24, 2020) - Tesla Daily Video (Jun 2, 2020) - TESLA Charts Podcast (Jul 19, 2020) - Autoline Network Video (Jun 11, 2020) - This Week In Startups Video (Jul 31, 2020)
1) They ripped off Tesla's name!
FACT CHECK: What does this even mean? So...don't invest or at least take a look at a company given their name? Are you telling me that the inventor Nikola Tesla licensed his name to Elon Musk? That would be a no. Did Tesla Inc. trademark Nikola? Also a hard no. The only thing this tells me is that two clean energy companies honored a great inventor...a father of modern energy. I made this baseless claim #1 on this list since there are way too many people who just can't get over the name and refuses to took deeper, or if they do look deeper, they're already blinded by hate/disgust and can't look at the company objectively.
Fun Fact: See who truly honors the great Nikola Tesla (click on the following names). Is it Tesla’s Elon Musk or Nikola founder Trevor Milton?
2) They're diluting their shares with the merger!
FACT CHECK: Nikola Motor Co. and VectoIQ are conducting a reverse merger, which will come to a shareholder vote on June 2, 2020. If you don't know what a reverse merger is, click here. VTIQ's 29.6M shares will be combined with the 320.7M private shares of existing Nikola Motor Co. Another 52.5M shares will come from VectoIQ's PIPE (see #16 below as well for those who are worried PIPE investors are about to sell their shares). VTIQ will convert to $NKLA 1:1 meaning whatever price per share VTIQ is at pre-merger will be the same price it will be post-merger. Furthermore, existing Nikola private shareholders (not VTIQ shareholders) will be under a lock up period for 6 months where they are barred from selling their shares. I wouldn't be concerned with dilution until the lock up is lifted, but even then, Nikola World 2020 would have revealed major progress with the company that I'm sure most investors will want to hold tight for the long. Trevor Milton on dilution. Read the SEC filed S-4 to learn more about the merger.
Post-Merger Edit: No signs of dilution. NKLA continues to trade above its IPO price despite all the PIPE, warrants, and employee stock options entering the market. The only remaining shares left are the 2M (max) that the Diesel Brother can earn for Badger sales.
3) They sued Tesla...a bunch of amateurs!
FACT CHECK: Here's a video of an unbiased deep dive onto the patent lawsuit, which btw, Nikola is winning and winning at the highest patent court in the country. If another company infringed on Tesla’s patents, would that be okay?
4) Trevor Milton is a fraud! He will dump his shares once the 6-month lock up is over! I don't like his face and I find him annoying and inconsistent.
FACT CHECK: Part of the agreement on the merger was for Trevor Milton to lose some shares to own up to 40% of the company. The agreement also elevated him to Executive Chairman from CEO so he wouldn’t have to run the day-to-day operations of the company and instead focus on leading the board of directors and the strategic direction of the company. All in all, institutional investors wanted to limit Trevor’s control over the company.
The CEO of Nikola is Mark Russell who has no social media presence and rarely seen, as it should be for the guy running the show. When Mark does speak, it's clear that he's the more calculated and reserved executive of the company. Comparatively, Trevor is a visionary. Those who follow him closely know he tends to speak in the future. As the Chairman of the company, he is fulfilling his job in pointing the Corporation's strategic direction.
Edit 1: A modification has been made to Trevor Milton’s lock-up clause.
Edit 2: Trevor Milton dumped 6 Million of his own shares! See...he doesn't even want the stock!
Fact Check: On Aug 26, 2020, Trevor announced that he would GIVE 6 million of his shares to the first 50 employees of Nikola. He then later announced that he would give the other 350 of his employees a total of 1 million of his own shares. Nikola haters love to spin the truth. They're so blinded by hate and disgust for Trevor and Nikola that anything he does is processed negatively.
5) Trevor Milton started two companies that went bankrupt! He’s even a college dropout!
FACT CHECK: Now we're getting into the SPIN ZONE! Get the full dose of truth in this Forbes article. You’ll find that Trevor actually started two businesses that he sold for millions of dollars.
For whatever reason, some people assume great entrepreneurs have been 100% successful in their endeavors. They couldn’t be more further from the truth.
To those who tease Trevor for being a college dropout, see this list of successful business leaders who also dropped out of college.
6) Hydrogen tech is unproven! Nikola is just vaporware!
FACT CHECK: It seems you are ill-informed of the industry. Here's hydrogen fuel cell tech use in South Korea, in California, in Germany, and in the United Kingdom, to name a few...oh, and there's Nikola's H2 fueling station at their Phoenix, Arizona HQ.
Do these videos of the Nikola Two look like vaporware to you?
  1. Video 1
  2. Video 2 The Nikola Two beer delivery with Ab inBev.
  3. Video 3 Nikola Analyst Day video (start at the 11:28 min mark)
  4. Video 4
  5. Video 5 The Nikola Two on the road.
  6. Video 6 Raw video of the Nikola Two fuel cell tech in action. Check this out to look under the hood.
  7. Video 7. The Nikola Two performing a break test.
  8. Video 8 Trevor Milton showing the Nikola Two Powertrain
To learn more about hydrogen, read this peer-reviewed study on the 20 Hydrogen Myths.
Furthermore, if you go through the Hydrogen FCEV Technology and Hydrogen Technology post flairs in this sub, you’ll find other companies vouching for FCEV tech as well to include Shell, Hyundai, BMW, Bosch, Ballard, Jaguar Land Rover, Daimler, Toyota, and Hyzon...I’m sure I’m missing others. What are all these companies missing that you see? Is it because Elon Musk said hydrogen is "fool cell"? They all must be trying to fool us I guess.
7) My shares will be $10 post-merger!
FACT CHECK: VTIQ will convert to NKLA 1:1 meaning whatever price per share VTIQ is at merger, will be the same price it will be post-merger.
Post-Merger Edit: We did not see NKLA start at $10. In fact, on Jun 4, 2020 listing day, NKLA opened at $37.55.
8) They took PPP money meant for small businesses. How dare they do that?!
FACT CHECK: Before Nikola received close to $1B from the VectoIQ merger, the company was strapped in cash and had over 300 employees and their families to care for during COVID-19. They eventually paid tax payers back as you'll hear in this clip where Trevor sets the record straight with CNBC.
9) I don't understand warrants, so this company is a fraud!
FACT CHECK: If you don't understand warrants (NKLAW), either get smart or just buy NKLA common shares. See this reference and my thoughts on NKLAW.
10) They're asking me if I want to redeem my VTIQ shares for $10.36 when I bought it at $25. This is 100% a scam!
FACT CHECK: VTIQ shareholders received messages on whether to opt into redeeming their shares by May 29, 2020. If they did, they would only receive $10.38. No one in their right mind would want to do that if the price of VTIQ is currently way over that price. Not only does this hurt you, it also hurts Nikola Corp as you would be taking cash from the merger. Read this Article. Bottom line, if you receive a message asking if you want to redeem your VTIQ shares, don’t do it. This is an option that they made available, but VectoIQ and Nikola Corp. highly suggests against redeeming your VTIQ shares.
11) Their revenue projections are fake! Anyone can preorder with $0 money down!
FACT CHECK: This article explains why preorders are $0.00. Also, read this Tweet from Trevor Milton. Moreover, go to pg. 14 on this SEC filing. Notice how the vast majority of the preorders are from legitimate institutional fleets. See this Tweet as well.
Note that Nikola has stopped taking orders for their FCEV semis since Fall 2019. They’re only taking orders for BEV semis, Badgers, NZTs, and WAVs. The $10B 14,602 preorder semis where for those FCEVs. Trolls can’t add to that number and are just wasting their time especially since Nikola runs scripts to filter out their submissions.
12) No one wanted to invest in Nikola! That's why they went take your money instead! Nikola is SCAM!
FACT CHECK: Go to Pg. 10 on the prospectus. You'll find over $500M in funding from several companies prior to the merger with VectoIQ. Post-merger, Nikola’s institutional investors include Bosch (German), Hanwha (S. Korean; 6.13% ownership), CNH Industrial/Iveco (Italian; 7.11% ownership), Nel Hydrogen (Norwegian), Fidelity Management and Research Company, Inclusive Capital Spring Fund (~5.6% ownership), Black Rock, and P. Schoenfeld Asset Management LP. To doubters, what do you see that these companies fail to see? These companies fully vetted Nikola before investing in them. Nikola even received a $1.7M grant from the U.S. Department of Energy. Prior to the merger, VectoIQ’s CEO Steve Girsky, who is known for getting General Motors out of bankruptcy as their former Vice Chairman, did a top-down vetting of Nikola, Trevor Milton, the leadership team, their strategy and vision, etc. Steve is now a member of Nikola’s board of directors along with leaders from Bosch, Hanwha, Iveco, Ace Disposal, and Caterpillar's Thompson Machinery (Source). EDIT: Along with partnering with Nikola on producing the Badger, General Motors also invested ~$2B in Nikola on top of saving Nikola $4B in capex. GM undoubtedly did their homework on Nikola and on Trevor prior to this investment, which grants them ~11% stake in the company.
Furthermore, Nikola went public via a SPAC reverse merger to save time and capital going through the traditional IPO route. They wanted to go public to be completely transparent and demonstrate to investors that they aren't another WeWork company doomed for failure. The reserve merger brings about $1B in capital to kickstart their major projects (hydrogen infrastructure and factory construction). Although their stock went through a tough road during their first couple of months since listing on the NASDAQ, Nikola continues to survive and trade above their IPO price. Three months after listing, Nikola even secured a binding contract for 2,500 Nikola Refuse trucks from Republic Services worth at least a $1B and may be increased to 5K trucks ($2B max order) (Source).
For those who think Nikola is riding on the backs of retail investors, see pg. 34 of this prospectus. Retail investors own about 10% of NKLA.
Now the real questions:
Should retail investors invest in a pre-revenue company? I invested in NKLA/VTIQ for the same reason why venture capitalists (VCs) invest in pre-revenue/pre-IPO companies. The big difference is that Nikola decided to go public via a reverse mergeSPAC, which allowed retail investors to participate, thus democratizing investment in a pre-revenue company, which until recently only the very rich VCs can.
Does Nikola deserve their pre-revenue valuation? Valuation is based on investor sentiment and Nikola cannot control their stock price. Literally the last share buyer does. I came in when NKLA was still VTIQ and my valuation was based on the 14.6K FCEV pre-orders worth ~$10B to include binding contracts with Ab inBev and U.S. Xpress. We then witnessed what happened when the Nikola Refuse order with Republic Services became a binding contract. Investors decided that they were willing to come in now before the order gets fulfilled as they believe the stock price will be much higher later when the order materializes.
Lastly, senior leadership at Nikola will take no more than $1 per year in salary and will be compensated instead with stock bonuses if they meet benchmarks. This shows good stewardship of investors’ money, not add to the company's CapEx, and letting their performance dictate their compensation.
13) They’re outsourcing everything! Definitely not vertically integrated like Tesla!
FACT CHECK: Outsourcing is a misleading term. Technically, you can't outsource to a company that invests in you and/or has partnered with you. The more appropriate term is joint venture. For example, Nikola and Iveco has a 50/50 JV factory in Germany (Nikola Iveco Europe GmbH). Iveco's parent company CNH Industrial also invested $250M to Nikola in cash, goods and services. Bosch is providing the fuel cell and powertrain for the semis. They too invested heavily in Nikola. Outsourcing would imply that Nikola is the customer of a contract company and Nikola is paying them...not at all the case. Together, these companies that have invested heavily in Nikola enable vertical integration.
Fun Fact: Just as how Nikola is using another OEM to manufacture the Badger, Tesla also used another OEM to build one of their vehicles. It was their very first vehicle...the Roadster. The OEM was Lotus, but notice I said “used another OEM to build” the Roadster. I didn’t say “manufacture”. The point here is that Testa didn’t do everything themselves as Nikola haters dog the company for.
14) The cost to create hydrogen is $13/kg. That's way more than what diesel costs. No company will switch!
FACT CHECK: Nikola has dropped the cost of producing hydrogen to below $4/kg . Their hydrogen will also be made onsite, thus removing distribution requirements. Furthermore, Nikola will take advantage of both renewable energy (wind and solar) as well as cheap excess power from the grid...hours where energy companies are actually releasing energy (wasted electricity) due to grid overload during low-usage hours. They also won't be getting power within municipalities, but rather through PPA (Power Purchase Agreements) on main federal transmission lines saving them a ton of money (Source).
15) Trevor Milton sold millions of NKLA shares to buy his $32.5M ranch when Nikola has made ZERO revenue!!
FACT CHECK: First, see #4 above. Beyond these shares Trevor had to sell as part of the merger, he cannot sell the rest of his shares as they’re locked up for 6 months post-merger with VectoIQ. Furthermore, Trevor bought the ranch a year before the merger and before VectoIQ and Steve Girsky approached Nikola. Lastly, Trevor made bank from selling dHybrid to Worthington Industries. The seed money from Worthington to start Nikola was separate from Worthington's purchase of dHybrid.
16) PIPE investors are going to sell their shares! The disparity between NKLA and NKLAW will tank the stock! SELL NOW!!
FACT CHECK: Please see this piece that I wrote, which addressed this fear mongering by naysayers.
Post-Warrants Edit: NKLA continues to trade above its IPO price. The downward pressures from the warrants are now gone and none of the PIPE investors have signaled dumping their stocks.
17) The Badger is just a GM EV rebadging of the Silverado. 100% GM technology with a Nikola badge! I can't believe Nikola gave GM 11% stake of their company for this!
FACT CHECK: The Badger will utilize GM's powertrain (Ultium battery tech and Hydrotec fuel cell stack technology), but the rest of the truck is Nikola's IP/design. Furthermore, the two existing prototype Badgers were completely made by Nikola without GM's help and will be revealed during Nikola World 2020. GM will then engineer their tech with Nikola's tech/design, test, validate, and manufacture the pickup truck. See this Tweet from Trevor:
>Nikola to share hardware like ASILD Inverters, batteries and other validated parts. Nikola will always own; the brand, cab, chassis modifications, infotainment, controls, OTA, sales, service and warranty & customer interaction. GM to help us build it to last and cut cost.
This interview explains a lot more about the partnership between Nikola and GM. I also encourage you to read the 8-K filing. It’s not that long of a read and shows what’s part of this deal beyond just the Badger, which justifies the 11% stake.
The partnership with GM on the Badger is also only good for 6 years. After that, Nikola would be free to manufacture the Badger themselves once they have a factory and the capital to do so by then. Their next-gen battery would surely be ready by then as well.
18) Nikola's Director of Hydrogen Production/Infrastructure is Trevor Milton's brother who was just your average joe construction worker, You've got to be kidding me!
FACT CHECK: Trevor's brother Travis Milton is Nikola’s Director of Hydrogen Production/Infrastructure; however he doesn’t have to know much about hydrogen technology to do what he does as Nikola hydrogen supplier is Nel Hydrogen. I assume his role is to find industry experts, such as Nel, and oversee Nikola’s contracts with them. Furthermore, there’s actually other hydrogen-related executives in the company (see pg. 16 of this prospectus presentation filed with the SEC). You have Dale Prows as Head of Hydrogen Supply Chain and Livio Gambone as Head of Hydrogen Storage. Also, check out these recent hires. They added Pablo Koziner, who came from and was an executive at Caterpillar, to be the Nikola Energy President overseeing stations and energy.
19) Nikola faked the Nikola One video...LMAO! They even admitted to it!
FACT CHECK: Yes, the Nikola One in this 2018 video did not drive in its own propulsion, hence the title "Nikola One Electric Semi Truck in Motion". The allegation is that Nikola fooled its investors. The truth of the matter is that Nikola's investors at the time were private investors as Nikola was still a pre-IPO company (Nikola Motor Company), to include Bosch and Nel. In Nikola's own words, "Nikola investors who invested during this period, in which the Company was privately held, knew the technical capability of the Nikola One at the time of their investment." Furthermore, Nikola's strategic partners have come out in support of the company after shorter Hindenburg Research's desperate hit-job article to support their short position after the GM partnership announcement that sent NKLA up ~50%. Moreover, NKLA investors find this hit-piece irrelevant as what matters now is what Nikola already has (working prototypes as seen on #6 above, strategic partners as listed on #12 above, 800 binding orders for FCEV Nikola semis from Ab inBEv and 2,500-5,000 binding orders for the Nikola Refuse by Republic Services) and what's to come (strategic partnership announcement on building out fueling stations, Badger reservation numbers, Nikola World 2020, and potentially more major binding contracts).

Now that we’ve gotten the baseless arguments out of the way (and I’ll continue to add to them when necessary), I encourage you to go through NikolaCorporation and read through the DD that have already been and continue to be shared. Filter topics by post flairs to find info you’re interested in.
submitted by KaiserCyber to NikolaCorporation [link] [comments]

IQ Option 2019 Strategy - 90% Of Winning Trades On 1 ... 2 Minutes Strategy Binary Options 2020 (IQ Options) - YouTube IQ Option - how to use - YouTube The Best Robot For Iq Option 2019  accurate 100% live ... Casharka 4aad waa maxay Iq option? - YouTube

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IQ Option 2019 Strategy - 90% Of Winning Trades On 1 ...

Sign up here - IQ Option Strategy for 90% Winning Trades. Try NOW!! This Strategy is for 60 seconds timeframe. Watch carefully video t... IQ Options - Please subscribe and leave a like for more videos. Online trading is a very risky investment/profession.... The road to success through trading IQ option Best Bot Reviews Iq Option 2020 ,We make videos using this softwhere bot which aims to make it easier for you t... Welcome to Adnan Trading Tips. In this video I will explain how to deposit and withdraw money from IQ option account and also i will explain why iq option bl... The road to success through trading IQ option Best Bot Reviews Iq Option 2020 ,We make videos using this softwhere bot which aims to make it easier for you t...